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Honours Projects 2018

Sustainability education at Utrecht University (in Dutch)
Honours student Emma Young worked with fellow student Daniil Scheifes on an advisory report for Utrecht University on sustainability education at the university. Emma presented the findings at the plenary meeting of the Humanities Honours Programme on Sustainable Humanities in May 2019.

Read their report here: Onderzoeksrapport Duurzaamheidsonderwijs UU_Scheifes_Young_8mei19


De Kracht van het Woord: Hoe overtuig je mensen om geld te doneren aan een goed doel? (in Dutch)
What is the power of the spoken and written word? Dr. Martine Veldhuizen, cultural and literary historian at Utrecht University, made a series of vlogs on this topic that introduce secondary school students to scientifically and socially relevant questions in an appealing way during the subjects Dutch, Social Studies and History, such as: “What is the history of the handwritten book?”, “Did swearing hurt in the Middle Ages?” and “Can women be trusted?”. In the 2018 Research Seminar, one group of Honours students explored within this theme how to convince people to donate to charity and they too can be seen in an interesting vlog.