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Honours Projects 2019
Honours Research Seminar “Representation and Manipulation.”

Hong Kong Exchange
This year, too, a number of humanities honors students participated in the exchange programme with the University of Hong Kong. They welcomed students from the metropolis in Utrecht and travelled to Asia themselves. In interdisciplinary groups, consisting of Utrecht students from various faculties and students from Hong Kong, they gave substance to the theme ‘The More-Than-Human City’. You can find an example of such processing here.


Not to be: Female Madness and Agency in Shakespeare’s Hamlet (in Dutch)
‘To be or not to be: that is the question!’ is perhaps the most famous quote from the work of British writer William Shakespeare. The roles of women in his plays have been scrutinized within academia on many occasions. After carefully researching literary techniques within Shakespeare’s plays and the historical position and interpretation of female madness, among other things, these students also developed an actual film. Not to be is a creative processing that aims to portray (the lack of) Ophelia’s agency in Hamlet.


Taboeien! (in Dutch)
Have you ever wondered what we talk about in society and what topics we prefer to ignore? Have you ever wondered about the origins of taboos in society? These students certainly have! Together they researched everything there is to research about sex taboos in Dutch society and based on their research, they put together a lesson series for sex education in high school.


Representing “flow”
Students of AI and history students worked together to investigate the concept of “flow” – good cooperation. To do this, they set up (and performed) an experiment and presented a comprehensive theoretical motivation for creating flow. You can read back their findings here: FLOW.


Policy plan for future preparation of bachelor education at Utrecht University (in Dutch)
Under the guidance of Merel van Goch, Honours students Robyn Beekman, Johanna Harder, Lisa van Oosten, Maike Pijnappel, Jeroen Stellmacher, Anna Verhoeven, and Emy Wierbos put forward a number of important, thoughtful proposals to properly prepare undergraduate students for their future in the job market. You can read their final product, the policy plan, here: Beleidsplan toekomstvoorbereiding bachelors geesteswetenschappen Universiteit Utrecht.