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Honours Projects 2022
Honours Research Seminar

Documentary – Contact (Dutch)

By Julia Baas, Fieya Chen, Jip Slewe, Pieter Nolet (General group); Pieter Nolet, Olivier Bellaart, Charlotte Roosenberg (Robot group); Fieya Chen, Stefanie Blaauw, Robin Smid (Tinder group); Julia Baas, Rosa Boer, Soesja Steehouwer, Josha Nijssen (Eye contact group).

Watch the documentary on contact in today’s society here.


Magazine – Mental Health

By Afke, Alexandra, Edward, Louana.

Read the magazine on mental health among students (and what the university does about it) here.


Fiction Film – ‘Sper’ (Dutch)

By Samuel van der Loo, Elise van Luijn, Esmée Soetekouw, Loes van Deursen.

Watch the fiction film here.


Report – A Novel Approach to Financial Forecasting

By Jiaqi Chen, Thomas Hickey, Henk van der Meijden.

Read the report on predicting bitcoin prices through machine learning here.


Website – EcoHiveUU Environmental Humanities Workshop

By Daan van den Broek, Flora Lehmann, Allegra Salvadori, Lauren van der Spuy, Ani Encheva

Go to the website here to read about their research on the (perceived) dichotomy between nature and human. In addition you can also visit their social media pages on Instagram and TikTok and read their ‘masterfile’.


Book – Forgotten Folklore & Fairytales

By Elise ten Cate, Paula Hage, Linsey Hermsen, Katinka Hoogenboom, Afra Kiezebrink, Sydney Kuzee, and Aengus Schulte

Read the book which ranges from the Grimm brothers to videogames and from witches to vampires; every chapter in this book explores a different aspect of forgotten folklore and fairytales. You can also see the book cover here.


Book – De Diepte In (Dutch)

By Tom Croon, Mees van Aanhold, Eva Luberti, Pim Storm, Aimée Walkate

Read the collection of academic and creative works engaging with Gabriel García Márquez’s magnum opus A Hundred Years of Solitude.


Documentary – Zinderende Zintuigen (Dutch)

By Baukelien Vonk, Britt Kramer, Naomi Livius, Noemi Suter, Robert Snitselaar, Romée van Oostenbrugge, Lisa Pais, Tim van den Bos, Anne Jaegers

Watch this documentary about the medieval church. It answers the main question of their research: How were the senses of the medieval churchgoer being stimulated while being in a Catholic Church?


Podcast Political Extremism (Dutch)

By Amber Verspui, Francien Vos, Lotte Nieboer, Mats Liesker, Midas van de Weetering, Pim de Vries, Tomas de Wit, Tristan Hofkes

For their HHP research project this group focused on political extremism among the Dutch youth. To do this they researched what exactly extremism is and what forms it takes, what drives it and how it can be seen in both history and the present. Their research culminated in a podcast in which they offer and explanation of extremism and analyse how it and its drivers can be seen in the contemporary Dutch society and youth. Listen to the podcast here.


Syllabus – African Philosophy (Dutch)

By Mette van Liempd, Sjaak van Bemmel, Femmy Scheper, Stef van Gestel, Emmeline van der
Leen, Stan Janssen

For their HHP research project this group wrote a syllabus for teachers to teach an introduction into African philosophy, you can read their syllabus here.


Exhibition – Transmission

By Irene, Clairie, Noor, Marie, Jiayu, Merel, Aoife

For the Honours Research Seminar, this group focused on trans people and their experiences from the perspectives of different fields, such as media, history and law. Their final presentation was an exhibition consisting of informational posters, videos and interviews. You can get an impression of the exhibition here (Photos © Ronald Tilleman).