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The Graduate Inequality Review Call For Papers!

Do you have a paper lying around that you are proud of, a paper to be read by more than just you and your teacher? Now might just be the time to dust off that PDF file and send it over to The Graduate Inequality Review.

The Graduate Inequality Review, a student-led journal from the University of Oxford, is now accepting submissions for our 2023 edition! Submissions are welcomed from all researchers, from graduate students in Oxford and beyond to non-academic researchers and practitioners. Exceptional pieces of original research from undergraduates are also encouraged. For this year’s edition of the Review, we are looking for submissions contributing to the conversation on inequality and the future. You can learn more about our theme and the submission process at:

Papers will be accepted on a rolling basis until Friday, March 3. All submissions will receive an answer within 14 working days. Submissions should be emailed to We look forward to hearing from you and reading your work