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New year, new faces

Dear HHP students,

The new academic year is just getting started. This year will be another opportunity for adventure and exploration for your Honours careers! Maybe you will go on trips, attend symposia, or visit museums. On top of that, you will certainly be organising portfolio activities. If you are new to the programme it can be daunting to think of something to organise, so we are here to help!

Here on the blog, you will find splendid examples of portfolio activities organised by (former) Humanities Honours students. Especially posts about museum trips, exhibitions and symposia are aplenty! So, take your time here and discover the endless creativity for yourselves.

In the meantime, we would like to introduce ourselves to all the students who might not know us yet. We are the student assistants for the Humanities Honours Programme this year. Our job consists of maintaining this very blog and planning the meetings that you will be attending this year. Here is a bit about us:



Hi! My name’s Michelle and I study History (Dutch track) and English Language and Culture. For my bachelor History I’m doing the Honours track :). I love reading (add me on Goodreads ;)), cooking and hanging out with friends. You might’ve seen me walk around already at the Honours events, and you’ll be seeing some more of me in the upcoming year as I’ll continue being a student assistant! Sooo, if you ever want to talk about the Honours programme, the portfolio or about anything else in a more informal way, please don’t hesitate to come up to me or email us at! See you soon. ☀️


Hello dear fellow students, my name is Im and I am in my second year of the Humanities Honours Programme. I study Liberal Arts & Science with a specialization in cognitive psychology. This is my first year working as a student assistant and I am excited for what this year will bring this community! My hobbies include writing, illustrating, and gaming. If you want to brainstorm ideas for portfolio activities, write a blogpost or if you have a general question about the programme you can often find me in the Eureka room (Drift 13, room 1.15) or email us at! I wish you all a wonderful year at the Humanities Honours Programme and I hope to meet you all soon.


We will see you on the 24th of October at the plenary session on the first part of Terrain Exploration. Feel free to approach us there if you have any questions or if you just want to chat! We hope that you all enjoy this academic year!

Michelle and Im