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Plenary meeting 24 October: a great success!

Dear students,

Yesterday was the first plenary meeting of the first-year honours students, where they all gathered at Janskerkhof to reflect on the things they had learned –or already forgotten- the last month(s). Five people represented their different seminar groups by showing what they had done and learned, and they had some bargaining power to keep people listening, as there was also a quiz about the content of the presentations. Of course, the quiz was accompanied by a prize for the best team! Were these questions actually fair, or was it complete guesswork? It’s up to the attending students to decide that.

The students also had the chance to meet new people yesterday, because they were put in groups with other students from different disciplines. Presumably, these students hadn’t met before, so answering the questions of the quiz took some serious teamwork! Indeed it’s fair to say congratulations to group 9 for winning the quiz! Even so, after catching up on the things other students were up to, it was pizza time. So in the end everyone won something.

The HHP would like to thank the students who organised the plenary: Adriaan, Daphne, Dorien, Hamzh, Hugo and Sven, with the help of student assistants Im & Michelle.