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18 juni 2024
17:00 - 19:30
See blackboard for location

Honours Thesis Plenary on June 18th

This plenary meeting is intended for students who have written their honours thesis this academic year. Because of the limited space available at the location, other students unfortunately cannot attend this event.

We are fast approaching the end of this academic year. All of you who wrote your honours thesis this year or are working on your thesis right now will get the chance to present your thesis on the 18th of June. To commemorate the end of your honours careers the night will also include a ceremonial session and celebratory drinks afterward. Because we are sure that you would love to show your family and other loved ones what you have been working on, you can bring them along as well. (However, you should indicate how many people will be accompanying you in the sign-up form.)

We expect to see all students who wrote their honours thesis this year at the plenary!

16:30 Walk-in students and setup posters
17:15 Introduction by Frans Willem Lantink and the committee
18:00 Poster session 1
18:25 Poster session 2
18:50 poster session 3
18:15 Ceremony
18:45 Drinks

You can find the sign-up link and additional information about the evening on the blackboard page for the honours thesis. Please sign up before May 31st!